Tuesday, January 31, 2012


SCHOOL FIELD TRIP " I am excited mom for tomorrow's field trip!" That was my son's said to me yesterday when we go out to buy food at nearby store .

We bought Goldilocks macaroons and cakes , coke in can , piattos, and breads for his baon tomorrow.This is yearly activities of his school and all of the students at their school feel the same way."I will sleep tomorrow mommy so i can wake up early tomorrow",he even prepared his things and what he will wear tomorrow his PE uniform.I just bought chicken, he wants fried chicken . Yesterday my son had a field trip also for the high school department and he said its ok mom , referring the trip yesterday.His baon was the same as my bunso but the difference is he manage to buy it by himself. "Binata na ako mommy!" Those were his words! Ok i said to myself , i'm sure all mothers will feel the same way having a son who is nagbibinata na! Tomorrow i wonder what my bunso will tell to me what will happen to their field trip and where they will go!

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